Wireframe VS Mockup – Which One Is the Best?

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What Is Wireframe?

Designing a website usually involves various processes, including wireframing. Being conducted at a structural level, wireframing plays an important role in the creation of website design. But, what is wireframe actually? Find the answer on the following page.

It can be said that wireframing is a method used by web designers to layout the content of a website page. Not only that, but it is also used to provide layout on the page to meet account users’ needs and satisfaction. The method is usually applied in the early process of web development. This is aimed to help the designers to build a basic structure of the website page before any content and visual added to it.

Why Wireframing?

The wireframe has a critical role in the web design process since it functions to demonstrate the interface elements that will be provided on key pages. That makes wireframe a crucial part to be involved in the interaction design process. By using the wireframe, the web creators can provide a visual understanding of the page they are designing. So, they can get approval from both the team project and stakeholders before the creative stage gets underway.

Moreover, the method can also be applied to create both global and secondary navigation. This is important to make sure that the structure and technology used for the websites can meet the satisfaction of the users.

Easy to Adopt

Another major plus of the wireframing is that it is a cheaper and faster option to allow web designers to amend the key pages’ structure. This will also make it possible for the project team and clients to be sure that the page design is catering to the users’ needs while meeting project objectives and fulfilling the key businesses. That is why wireframing is popular among website designers.

At first glance, you might find that both wireframes and mockups are just the same. But, looking deeper at the two methods, you can spot significant differences between the two. Speaking about wireframe vs mockup, which one is the better option? The following page will show you the strengths and downsides of the two methods to help you decide.


Wireframe VS Mockup – Which One Is the Best?


Why Should or Shouldn’t Use Wireframe?

Wireframes used in a website designed often considered “bare-bones” blueprints. They are often added to the design cycle as a later point and presented with placeholders to complete the final content. The wireframe could provide you with a general layout. In this way, your client could have a clear picture of how the website page will be. The wireframe will also help you to build trust with the stakeholders since it can ensure that they are on the right path.

Not only that but with a better picture of the final output, a wireframe can be a money- and time-saving option. Despite the benefits, there are some downsides related to the wireframe. When using the method, you might find your clients don’t agree with the main objects or fully grasp its point.

Why Should or Shouldn’t Use Mockup?

Almost similar to wireframe, mockup also helps you demonstrate the basic functionalities of the web design and visualize content. The difference is that the demonstration and visual of the web design are presented in a static way. Unlike wireframe, mockup will allow you to get more visual details such as typography and colors. This makes it possible for web designers to identify visual elements that clash even before the design is completed.

Not only that but mockup will make it easier for you to iterate and find errors in the design early on. However, there is a downside often associated with the mockup. It usually needs substantial time and resources to design a website by using the tool.

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