Why Should We Hire You? Here Is How To Answer

Why Should We Hire You Here Is How To Answer uiuxdesign

Closing the deal of any job interview is terribly hard, however, you can successfully pass the interview sections by having the rightest answer of the question “Why we should hire you”. A recruiter commonly asks this question in the last list of the interview questions to know the reason why he should hire you and why you think you are appropriate to fill the position while there are more other well-qualified applicants. Your answer will lead him to know your specialties, uniqueness and loyalty.

Why Should We Hire You

To successfully answer the question, here we have selected the best tips to do while the recruiter asks you such question.

Convince The Company

Some other questions which are similar with the question “Why we should hire you” are:

Why would you be a good fit for this position?”

“What makes you unique?”

“Why are you the best candidate for this job?

Being asked by one of these questions, you must convince the company that you can do the work better and provide an exceptional result. You will fit the position well and be a great new comer in the team. Explain that you have a combination of skills as well as experience to make you stand out of the crowd. At last, you must convince that once the company hires you, it will make everything smarter and easier.

The Best Answer of Why Should We Hire You

The answer of Why we should hire you depends on what job position you are applying for. Here we have selected some examples of the best answer of why should we hire you.

Supposed you are applying for the position of “Project Manager”, here is how to answer:

Well, I am a skilful person and well-experienced. I am the one that you are looking for. I am very confident that I can be an amazing actions in this project management role. It is not only because my background leading some successful projects for great companies which led me to have great relationships with vendors, developers and senior managers, but … well, I have also a great passion about this company. Trust me, I can deliver a high quality work.”


Remember, all the candidates are well-qualified. You must be more than just qualified. Practice how to answer by telling the company your skills, experience, selling points, key accomplishments and even awards.

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