Why Can’t I Find A Job? Here Is How To Evaluate The Issues

Why Can’t I Find A Job

Are you questioning yourself “Why can’t I find a job?” If you have been looking for a job and do not get one, here we come with an article to help you find the reasons why you cannot find a job yet. Actually, there are some situations indicating that you don’t get any job though you have sent your application letter as frequently as possible.

Let’s go through the situations to identify the problems, thus, you can find the reasons why you haven’t got any job yet.

Situation 1: No Phone Call for Interview

Why Can’t I Find A Job

The first situation is that you have sent your resume but there is no phone call for an interview. It might be potentially because you do not customize your resume, cover letter and submission email. Companies always receive hundreds of application for the job vacancies posted. They will not recognize your resume unless you customize it a bit.

Other issued related with no interview call forwarded you is that you might not send enough resume for enough job vacancies. This means that you cannot just apply three times a day, well, you need more. Apply as many jobs as possible.

Situation 2: Not Hearing Back after The First Interview

The second situation you can evaluate to answer the question “Why can’t I find a job?”is that you are not hearing back after the first interview. What was going on with your interview? Companies do want to ensure that you know exactly what you are looking for. When you were questioned “Why do you want to work here?” in the interview section, what did you say? Then, you can predict now why the recruiter doesn’t call you back after the interview.

If you are called for an interview someday, you had better prepare to gather the information about what the company does, explain why you changed job in the past and describe your qualifications.

Situation 3

Why can’t I find a job? Here is the third situation that might be the cause. You get no job offer after getting through multiple interviews. Predictably, you are not tailoring your answer, you are not asking good questions, you are not showing up your interest, you are not including enough references and you are stating high salary that makes the company scary off. To avoid this, say “My priority is to find the best fitting position for my career. After that, I am willing to consider any offer you feel is fair.”

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