What Is The Difference Between iOS and Android?

What Is The Difference Between iOS and Android 1

What is the difference between iOS and Android? People widely use both of them but rarely know what difference that lays on the two terms. Simply, if you use smartphone, then you use Android. If you use Apple devices, then you use iOS. Both Android and iOS are operating system used in mobile technology, however, to which they are used is difference.

Android is based on Linux and partly open source which works like a PC. Meanwhile, iOS is designed with user-friendly elements. iOS is used only in Apple devices. To provide you with the clear differences, here we come with the review to check out.

What is the difference between iOS and Android


Both of Android and iOS use touch interfaces which are swiping, tapping and pinch-and-zoom. They also boot to a homescreen like a computer desktop. However, iOS contains only some rows of app icons. On the other hand, Android appear with the widgets to display auto-updating information such as email and weather.


The different speed of Android and iOS depends on how app publishers develop their apps either for Android or for iOS. Although you find the same app in Android and iOS, their internal working are not the same.

Software Upgrades

What is the difference between iOS and Android? The next answer lays on the software upgrades. Android doesn’t always upgraded all the software. There are usually some upgrades to the last version of Android, however, they will be available several months later.

This is when people feel satisfied of using iOS which provides them with the upgrades for all iOS devices. One thing to notice is that the older devices may not get all the features in an upgrade due to the older versions of the devices.

Call Features

Android offers autoreplies when the users want to decline a call. Just send one of a number of self-composed texts. On the other hand, iOS offers more abilities such as reply to a phonecall with a canned text message and to set a reminder for a callback. iOS also provides a choice of Do Not Disturb Mode.


Android allows the users to send instant messages while iOS offers iMessage to send a message over apple users only.

Video Chat

Video chat in Android uses Google Hangouts to allow the users to chat over 3G and Wi-Fi. On the other hand, iOS uses Facetime as video chat over 3G and Wi-Fi, however, it is limited to use only for Apple devices only.

In conclusion, what is the difference between iOS and Android related with the other features? If you have ever used both of them, you would have automatically known the basic differences.

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