What Is Favicon And How To Create It

what is favicon and how to create it 1

What is favicon? This question will never be unfamiliar for those who have known more about website. A favicon is often pronounced as “fave-icon” and defined as a small and iconic image to resemble your website. You can find favicon mostly in the address bar of the website browser as well as in the list of bookmarks in the feed aggregators and web browsers.

Favicon must be created with style and designed well to match the logo or theme of your website. This is aimed to let the users quickly and easily recognize your web. What about Favicon in SEO? What is favicon in SEO? That is a favicon you can use to enable the users recognize your web at the first search engine list.

What Is Favicon

This article is now going to share you all about favicon at glance. Stay with us only for five minutes and you will understand more about favicon.

Type of Image Used In Favicon

Most modern browsers will recognize the types of image used in favicon such as PNG, JPG and GIF format. However, Internet Explorer will not. Thus, it is much recommended that we use the Microsoft ICO format that works in all browsers.

Size of Favicon

ICO format has multiple favicons of different size in a file. This makes you have the best pixel version which is 16 x 16. Optionally, you can also include 32 x 32 and 48 x 48 pixel versions. If you want to use favicons for your website, you can choose one out of the common sizes for favicon that are 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64 and 128×128.

How to Create Favicon

In relation to the question “what is favicon?”, now you can also check out how to create favicon. There are many ways to create favicon online you can choose out of the best list of how to create favicon. However, we consider using favicon generator which is entirely free. This favicon generator is called “Favikon”. Using Favikon will actually enable you to create your lovely favicon by simply uploading an image, crop it and download the icon resulted.

How To Link Favicon

Having created a favicon, now you can tell the browsers and other apps where to find you favicon. Simply, you can add this line to <head> section of your HTML. This is to make sure that they will find your favicon.


So what is favicon? It is an iconic image you use to represent your website. Well, you can simply understand it as a logo or icon of your website. You use image and size along with the required format to make it.

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