What Is Bootstrap Framework And How It Work

Bootstrap Framework, html template,

What is bootstrap framework? Based on the standardized meaning by Wikipedia, Bootstrap is a CSS framework which is free and open source. It is directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. Optionally, it contains CSS and JavaScript-based design especially for forms, buttons, typography, navigation and other interface elements.

Bootstrap contains more than 135,000 stars just behind the freeCodeCamp and marginally behind Vue.js framework.

Here are the features of Bootstrap you may want to know so you can use it for your importance.

Bootstrap Framework, html template,

Web Pages Development Simplification

As a web framework, Bootstrap has a purpose to simplify the web pages development. Add the bootstrap to a web project and you will be able to choose color, size and font as well as the layout and apply them to the project. When bootstrap is added to a web project, there will be basic style definitions given for all HTML elements.


The second feature you can make use of the bootstrap is the customization. In this regards, the appearances of the contents are all customizable including the light-and-dark colored tables, page headings, important pull quotes and the highlighted text.

JavaScript Components

What is bootstrap framework? To get more understanding related with the question, bootstrap comes with some JavaScript Components in term of jQuery plugins. Those components offers some additional user interface elements like the dialog boxes, tooltips and carousels.

In this relation, each of the components of the bootstrap consist of HTML structure, JavaScript code and CSS declarations.

Layout Components

The next feature of bootstrap is the layout components. Do you know a fact? The bootstrap layout components do affect the while web page. The basic layout component of bootstrap is called “Container”. In this way, a designer has an option whether to choose a fixed-width container or a fluid-width container.

Meanwhile, the screen sizes which are showing the page include:

  • Smaller than 576 pixels
  • 576 – 768 pixels
  • 768 – 992 pixels
  • 992 – 1200 pixels
  • Larger than 1200 pixels

Bootstrap Raw Form

This raw form feature of bootstrap is aimed to make the developers able to apply further customization and size optimizations. This raw form is modular. It means that the developer can delete the unnecessary components, implement the theme and change the uncompiled Sass files.

Functionality Extension

In relation to JavaScript components, bootstrap offers functionality extension on the existing interface elements. It includes the auto-complete function for the input fields. Not all people know this feature. Thus, we include this additional information in the section of features offered by the bootstrap.


Finally you get more understanding to answer what is bootstrap framework, right? Simply to understand, it is a free and open source CSS framework which is directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development.

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