What Does Aesthetic Mean? A Closer Look to Aesthetic Design

aesthetic design

What does aesthetic mean? Haven’t known yet about this term? Based on the standardized definition by Wikipedia, aesthetic means a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, taste and philosophy or art. Aesthetics covers not only the natural but also the artificial sources of aesthetic experience. It relates what happens in our mind with the aesthetic objects and environment such as in listening to music, viewing visual art, reading poetry, exploring nature, experiencing poet and etc.

Simply, aesthetic means the theory of beauty and art. So if you have a high sensitivity of beauty and art, you have an aesthetic value. If you are working with arts, then you have aesthetic taste. If you are appreciating beauty and taste, well, you have a good aesthetic. Overall, all the things and work which are creatively made are aesthetical.

Aesthetic Design

aesthetic design

A good design must be aesthetic. Thus, we should get to know what aesthetic design is. Considering that beauty is the eye of the beholder, all our senses are the tools to create something aesthetic. Let’s get the point.

Aesthetic design is a 4D experience covering product designers who must be aware of the product aesthetical values. In this regard, there are 4 crucial categories to determine whether a design is aesthetic. Those are:

  • Vision, letting you see the beauty of design including the visual aesthetics such as color, shape, pattern, line, balance, scale, visual weight, texture, proximity and movement.
  • Hearing, optimizing the ears capability of perceiving an entire level of aesthetic design which include loudness, pitch, beat, noise, repetition, pattern and melody.
  • Touch, helping you experience the aesthetics. The key elements are texture, shape, comfort, weight, temperature, sharpness and vibration.
  • Taste and smell, allowing you to experience the aesthetics more deeply. They include strength, sweetness, sourness and texture.

Purposes of Aesthetic Design

In relation with the question “What does aesthetic mean?”, there are some purposes you need to know why we should make the design aesthetic.

  • It is for psychical pleasure. Think of designing computer devices and hand-held program to please the users’ senses.
  • It is for social pleasure. Think of designing home assistant devices, room and building where social events are hosted.
  • It is for psychological pleasure. This way, you can make any design more simply, applicably and safely.
  • It is for ideological pleasure. It covers how you create a product which makes the users feel safe and comfortable.

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