Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality Technology Worth To Know

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Congratulation on your finding our page where you can find as more information as you expect about virtual reality vs augmented reality. Both of virtual reality and augmented reality have been used in gaming platform, making most people start getting interested with the technology of virtual and augmented reality.

Despite the widely used of the virtual and augmented reality technology, some people still feel confused about them. Thus, we are coming with the detail information about these two terms so that you can also clearly understand and be able to optimally use them.

Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality In General

 In general, either virtual reality or augmented reality has a purpose of stimulating the users’ senses and perception. In this case, the user can feel that he is in another world and getting interaction inside. However, they have some differences which we are going to show in the following sections.

There are some differences of virtual reality vs augmented reality which are viewed from the software and the principles. Check them all out below:

Software Viewpoint

Viewed from the software usage, virtual reality need VR headset which can be combined with the console to get interacted within virtual presence of the software through the headset. Commonly, people connect the VR headset to the laptop or personal computer with the minimum specifications to enable the users to experience what they want to experience.

Meanwhile, the augmented reality or we can called it AR doesn’t need any device to enjoy it. For instance, you can just enjoy the virtual world to the real world just by using the smartphone or tablet with AR application. Additionally, the contents of Augmented Reality focuses on its effectiveness for social life more than the entertainment.

Principles Viewpoint

The second difference of virtual reality and augmented reality lay on the principles. Although they have the same purpose, both virtual reality and augmented reality work differently. Virtual reality works out to make the users feel like living in another world, while the augmented reality theoretically present the virtual effect to your real word.

Simply, you can enjoy the other world presented by virtual reality using the VR headset. On the other hand, you can enjoy the visual effect presented by the augmented reality through the smartphones with an AR application installed in it. An example of augmented reality usage is the game of Pokemon Go you can view from the rear camera of your smartphone.

Which One To Use Better?

There is no an exact choice of which one is better to use, virtual reality or augmented reality. It is because both of them are supporting to each other. They are related one to another to give the best to meet the users’ expectation. One of the Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality Program Samples you know now is the use of both VR and AR in Microsoft hololens and HTC Vive or other virtual reality software which adds console to add sensation to the users’ experience.

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