The Ultimate Ideas On How To Organize Bookmarks in Chrome You Can Try

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Bookmarks can be messy and overflowing. To get them well-arranged, we come with the ideas on how to organize bookmarks in Chrome ultimately. Although these ideas take a bit pain, however, if you don’t take this you will have such a feeling of being overwhelmed with messy bookmarks.

Read on the following ideas and make sure you don’t have such messy bookmarks anymore, allowing you to store anything you can see online.

how to organize bookmarks in Chrome

Use Chrome’s “Tagging” Feature

The first idea you may consider is using Chrome’s “tagging” feature. Every time you add a new bookmark to Chrome, just attach the tags you want to the site’s name. You can do this by CTRL+D or the star icon in the address bar.

Later, if you want to pull up Chrome’s Bookmark Manager by CRTL+SHIFT+O, you can just search the hashtag you have made to look for the relevant sites. Alternatively, you can stay on the Chrome’s address bar and type your hashtag.

Create a Scheme

Do you want to stick with the basics, bookmarks and folders? Create a scheme not only to keep yourself organized but also honest so that you can use the folders for your daily basis without being stuffed with years-old links.

Never Use Text

The third idea on how to organize bookmarks in Chrome is never use text. This way, if you have visited a number of sites every day, you don’t need to search for them using the name in Bookmark bar. You can just edit the bookmark and delete the name to possess an icon. Thus, you will have only an icon to let you pack more links onto the storage space. Optionally, you can also create your own by using an extension.

Use Extension for Extra Tracking

Sometimes, an extra help is needed to manage your bookmarks well. In this concern, there are lots of extension you can use as your organizing assistance. They are:

  • Recent Bookmarks

This is a great extension to help you how to organize bookmarks in Chrome. You can definitely organize what to view, keep and delete.

  • Supersorter

Once you use this extension, you can’t turn back or cancel. It magically works by sorting your bookmarks by name and organize your browser by removing the duplicates as well as emptying the bookmark folders.

  • Sprucemarks

Sprucemarks automatically sort all the sites in your Bookmarks bar, your “Other Bookmarks” and “Mobile Bookmarks” folder by name and date.

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