How To Make Dotted Line in Illustrator Step by Step

How To Make Dotted Line in Illustrator

When it’s time for illustrating, here is the ideas how to make dotted line in illustrator you can apply. Simply to understand, you can create a dotted line by editing the brush through double-click on the icon in the Brushes Palette and tweak the settings. Later, you can confirm whether or not you will save the changes.

Now you have a chance to have more than just the standard hard-cornered dashed line that is the dotted line. This way, the Strokes Palette presents the tools you need in order to create the dotted line. For more details, here are the step by step to make dotted line in illustrator.

How To Make Dotted Line in Illustrator

Create a Circle

The first step on how to make dotted line in illustrator is creating a circle. This be done well by using the Ellipse Tool. To work out this, you can press SHIFT on the keyboard to get proportions and drag on the pasteboard to make your circle.

Remember, as there are dozens of tools to choose, be sure to find the ellipse tool carefully so you don’t pick up the wrong tool that might lead you to the wrong way of creating a circle.

Drag The Circle

The second step to follow after creating a circle is to drag the circle into the brushes palette. You can start opening the Brushes Palette – Window Brushes (alternatively, F5) and drag the circle into this palette. Next, you will get a box of dialogue asking whether you want a Scatter Brush, Art Brush or Pattern Brush. This way, you have to choose Scatter Brush.

Tweak the Scatter Brush Options Settings

For the third step, you need to tweak the Scatter Brush Options settings by tapping on “OK” for Scatter Brush and you will see the Scatter Brushed options in the dialogue box. In this step, you can make all the changes such as randomly creating the dot along the path. To make a simple dotted line, change the setting of Spacing to 250%.

Create a Path and Assign New Brush

The last step on how to make dotted line in illustrator is creating a path and assign new brush by using the Line Segment Tool. Choose “Stroke” in the tool palette and choose the line as well as click on your new brush in the Brushes Palette. Finally, it will let you to apply a new dotted stroke to the line.

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