Home Button Vs Link Button?


I know this is debatable as a UX designer. Some people say they need some people to don’t. And in a few websites, there is a logo link to return to home, but some do not. 

And I didn’t find research anywhere on why we should link the home button.

So, I will answer with my Data and experience.


So, before we decide whether this is true or false. I’ve a summary of what you should consider. Below there are a few points that you can consider:

The User 

  •  I know it’s all about the User. Might be the User’s of UX Exchange will understand the home button function will be linked to the homepage. What about the others? 
  •  I often see my parent’s using the gadget and spending time shopping and reading the news. And every piece of information that they find interesting. They will click and read from top to bottom.
  •  But, it is so interesting for me when they want to find something or want to get back to the homepage.
  •  They will click the back button arrow on the tab browser, and if they are using HP, they touch the back button. Until they found. 
  •  Unfortunately, my parent’s success. With little trick. He called me, and he asked me to do something. Yeah, nice trick!!


  •  For you who want to add the home button, I’d suggest the home button make it more discoverable might be by add a hover or something. 
  •  For instance, amazon website, if you hover the logo. The Image will be shown.

Btw I’ve been Installing tracking for every event on my website. So, from the data, not every person uses the home logo to back the homepage. So, I Decide to remove the link button on the homepage.

Do we still need to include a home button in the nav?

The answers depend on your User and your business objective. 

Because i wonder how many people will actually click the home button or navigation menu to find what they want, rather that they search more on the search box.