Halloween Email Marketing Campaigns: Best Practice with Example

Halloween is observed in various ways around the world, depending on the culture. But one thing remains constant; that is the opportunity to capture your customers’ attention and the large sales that are right in front of you. Here are a few tips for Halloween newsletter ideas to upgrade the level of your email marketing campaign.

Remind Your Subscribers What They Need
 for Halloween

Halloween is a dress-up and decorative holiday, which means that shoppers will be looking for items that they will most likely only buy during this time. Make sure your customers are aware if you sell Halloween-themed items.

They’re looking for a store where they can get everything they need to celebrate, so let them know you have what they’re looking for.

And if you don’t have any Halloween-specific products, you might want to do a little improvisation. You should repurpose your regular stock to better match the holiday. Thus, your customers would likely buy those products during the season.

Keep It Short, Straightforward and Halloween

Regardless how creative your Halloween newsletter is, if your customers do not open it, the entire purpose is useless. Thus, you must create an exciting and intriguing subject line to entice your customers to open the email.

The ideal length for the subject line of a newsletter is 30 to 50 characters. And the first 38 characters are displayed regardless of screen size. Thus, you must keep the message simple and to the point.

Moreover, keep your goal in mind. Your subject line may immediately conjure up images of the spooky holiday. As a result, use Halloween-related words to give out the holiday’s impression. Your customers are more receptive to jokes and tricks.

You can use their laid-back and friendly demeanor to come up with amusing and creepy Halloween subject lines. For example, “trick or treat” is one of the most used phrases during the holiday.

Use Seasonal Emojis

Halloween is a great time to show off your sense of humor. With emojis, you can prove your cleverness and wit. It is a universal language that conveys information in an intuitive and emotional manner.

There are a plethora of creepy small icons that encapsulate the spirit of this holiday. Even candy and lollipops can benefit your brief introduction.

Furthermore, they will fit in perfectly with the eerie edition of the newsletter. You can use them as small accents throughout the text or as a bullet list. However, don’t go overboard. Your tone should be lighthearted, intelligent, and witty, but not childish.

Play with Sender Name

Halloween is the best time for pun names. You can lighten the tone of your Halloween newsletter by changing the sender’s name and inserting some creepy but amusing puns or names.

Alternatively, you can just use some classic popular monster names such as Dracula or Casper for nostalgia sake. This simple change might play into your customers’ Halloween mood.

Halloween Email Subject Lines to Increase 
Your Open Rates

The overall performance of your campaign will be determined by the quality of your email subject line. But how do you come up with Halloween subject lines that will get you the open rates you’re looking for?

First and foremost, worse is better during Halloween. A cringe-worthy pun about monsters, horrors, or related phrases are great attention grabbers. While cringy subject lines will suffice, make sure to emphasize your offer and the benefit of purchasing your product.


Adapting Your Halloween Email Marketing 
to Your Industry:

While some industries may find it simple to make their email content with Halloween themes, others may need some inspiration. If you’re not in the mood to be creative before the holiday, here are a few suggestions to boost your holiday email conversion rate:

    1. Ecommerce

      halloween ecommerce email

      It is a great idea to curate your regular stock to better match the Halloween theme if you don’t have any of the holiday-specific products. Guess, for example, did not create Halloween-themed items but instead suggested mother-daughter looks for Halloween parties.The title is intriguing, and the paragraph adds a twist by combining the spooky theme with some excitement.Only a portion of a holiday theme can be seen here. The team has added a festive banner to the hero area, leaving the center section open for product display.As a result, the standard promotional email is transformed into a fantastic piece with a Halloween theme. This workaround is becoming increasingly common among companies selling products that aren’t Halloween-related, but want to capitalize on the seasonal opportunity.Here you can see how various dresses are skillfully coordinated with the holiday. They aren’t costumes, but they wouldn’t look out of place at a custom party.

    2. Software
      halloween graphicmama email campaign

      You can add a scary twist to your product, such as an invitation to a Halloween event or the unlocking of an exclusive content. If you have any software updates, you can use a Halloween color scheme to put a seasonal spin on your email changelog update.Or, you can go with Netflix’s campaign. They send invites to their subscribers to watch horror and/or suspenseful show trailers. It’s exactly in season for Halloween.

    3. Travel & Experience

      halloween travel email

      You can create a list of Halloween events in your subscriber’s area, or use this opportunity to promote some remote lesser known destinations. Moreover, many countries and cultures have their own local Halloween-related traditions.This could be a great opportunity to promote the festivals and events to a wider customer base. Or, like Airbnb’s email above, you can promote some eerie places for the more daring customers.

    4. Food and Spirits
      Halloween food email

      Give your subscribers Halloween recipes that are so good that they will want to stay up all night cooking. Place emphasis on traditional ingredients such as pumpkin and delightfully creepy recipes.  For example, Blue Apron shares a Halloween recipe that is an easy-to-make spooky dessert for a party. There’s no need to go to the website for the full recipe because the clear and concise email already has everything regarding the recipe.


    5. Beauty & Well-being
      halloween beauty email
      Above is Lush’s Halloween newsletter, in which they use the sugar high hype among children to promote their wellness products. You can use this opportunity to inform your subscribers about creative ways to use your product for the Halloween season.  

Whatever industry you’re in, you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to keep your subscribers interested while also generate extra revenue. All you need is a good strategy and a noteworthy email newsletter design that suits the season.

Furthermore, you can also use these Halloween newsletter ideas to extend your customer relationship life-span, remind customers about your brand in an unobtrusive manner, and demonstrate your devotion to loyal subscribers. And for more ways to maintain your customer base, subscribe to this website.

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