Graphic Design Resume Examples And Get Your Dream Job

Graphic Design Resume Examples

So you are looking for graphic design resume examples, here is the page you can stop by. Whether you are a multimedia designer, web designer, logo designer, Photoshop artist, creative/art editor or even layout artist, you are lucky enough to find this site so that you can have some resume examples of graphic design you may really need.

In this regard, this article is going to show you the not only the resume examples but also the tips how to write your own graphic designer resume. Don’t go anywhere! Stay with us to learn the resumes!

Resume Examples of Graphic Design

Example 1

Graphic Design Resume Examples 2

This resume example consists of 8 sections along with their own list of information details. This is how you can learn that a good resume will include personal information, work experience, Adobe CC Skills, interpersonal skills, certifications, education, strengths finder themes and online design portfolio link.

Look! It is crucial to insert the related graphic design skills such as Adobe CC skills along with the trustable certifications and online design portfolio link.

Example 2

Graphic Design Resume Examples 3

The second graphic design resume example above is different from the first example. This one include profile information which is clearly described in a paragraph. There are five main sections included in the form. Those are contact, profile, key skills, experiences and qualifications. Although there is no link mentioned, the experiences and key skills parts are the keys for the employer to check out. You can include the printed design of your work as a proof.

Tips How To Write Your Own Graphic Design Resume

There are 3 main tips how to write your own graphic design resume. Firstly, you should mention all relevant software skills as your technical skills that the professional want to know. You can include this section just after work experience part. For more consideration, you can also add other skills to your resume such as the language skills and related interpersonal skills.

Secondly, create a profile summary right behind the personal information. This is to show that you are suitable to fill the specific position and opportunity. Later, you can provide the resume with the link to your online design portfolio. This is to ensure your employer that you are very potential and promoting the best of your work. If the employer check out your work on your online design portfolio, he will notice your work and consider selecting you as a qualified employee.

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