Differences Between UI and UX For Your Basic Understanding

Differences Between UI and UX 1

If you are studying graphic design or other related design major, you can’t avoid to get familiar with UI and UX. What are the differences between UI and UX? Those what we are going to present in this article.

UI design stands for user interface which is defined as the process of making interfaces in software focusing on looks and style including screen, pages and visual elements such as button and icons. The purpose of using UI is to enable the interaction between a person and a product or service.

Differences Between UI and UX

Meanwhile, UX design stands for user experience which is defined as the process of how design teams release products or services along with the users’ meaningful and relevant experiences. The use of UX s deals with the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product such as design, brands, usability and function.

Here are the differences between UI and UX to make you simply understand them.

What UI and UX Focuses On

According to Ken Norton, the partner at Google Ventures and Ex-Product Manager at Google, UI focuses on creating a product surfaces with the best look and function. Meanwhile, UX focuses on the users’ experience to solve a problem either positively or negatively, on-screen or off-screen.

For example, UI is the chair, table, plate and glass set in a restaurant while UX is all about the food, lighting, the service, parking and music. UI is the product or service itself while UX is external-like element over a product or service you are created.

What UI and UX Concern

The second difference you can find of UI and UX what UI and UX concern. Andy Budd, Co-Founder of Clearleft and Founder of UX London, says that UX designer has a particular meaning along with a set of skills. In this case, the UX designer concerns more with the conceptual aspects of the designing process while UI designer concerns the more tangible elements.

According to Jason Mesut, UX designer has strengthened skills in strategy, information architecture, research and interaction design. On the other hand, UI designer concerns more with the fashionable and branded design.


If you really want to be a designer either for products or services or even other specific one, you must be clearly understand what the differences between UI and UX are in order that you know what to focus and concern.

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