Boost Your Designing Skills by These Tips on How To Learn Design

How To Learn Design

When we are living in digital era, we can learn everything even without coming to school. One of which is how to learn design. It is due to the fact that online way is the quickest way to learn everything just by seeing the instruction displayed on the screen and apply them later.

Thus, to be a good designer is now easy. Though you are not studying in the college majoring graphic design, you can still appear to work pretty well dealing with the visual and interaction design, print, web and mobile app design.

How To Learn Design

To provide you with the best tips on how to learn design, here we present the tip to boost your designing skills.

Learn to See

Never jump to Photoshop too fast! You must start with the foundation firstly. It includes the ability to learn how to draw and practice drawing regularly for a month. Next, jump to learn graphic design theory including color, typography and designing with grid. Do it every day.

You need also learn the user basic experience to let you to the right mindset about design. This way, you can read as many books or e-book as possible to enrich your knowledge.

If you have read lots of books, then start writing. It is to communicate your design ideas you have got in mind. Write freely and expressively, not in the academic tone like you usually do in writing school papers.

Learn to Use Photoshop and Illustrator

When you are already good enough at drawing and writing, you must learn how to use Photoshop and illustrator. Search for online tutorials which are available out there. Practicing two hours a day will be good and you will have a wonderful progress.

Learn Some Specialties

Some specialties you must importantly learn include logo design, mobile app design and web design. Explore more to master the ability in designing logo, mobile app and web. Again, you can find the tutorial either online or offline.

Build Your Portfolio

You can’t go to search for a job as a designer unless you build a solid portfolio that you are a trustable designer. Design something real in a real project, join the design contest or even you can offer a free design.

When you have apply all of these tips on how to learn design, well, you can go to look for a job as a designer. Have a nice try!

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