Best UI Design Books that Make You Become Professionals


There are many ways to learn about UI design, from free to paid methods. Before youtube and Bootcamp are everywhere, and one of them the best learning media is to use books. But don’t just take some random book. 

You have to make sure that the claim and what you will get are comparable. Therefore, I will provide some book recommendations, to facilitate your learning process.


My Recommendation

1. Refactoring UI

Refactoring UI is one of the best books about UI design you can use. This book is written by two friends, Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger. The authors have worked on many projects together.

As a full-stack developer, Adam uses more logical thinking. So when he learned about UI design, he had a hard time. After a long time working with Steve, he finally found some easy-to-learn UI design tricks.

Then they both designed a book containing various things about UI design, which was made based on reading books and experiences.

The 200-page PDF book contains 50 chapters with illustrations or visuals that can be used as UI design books for beginners.

Each chapter in the book uses short and independent content, so you can read it in any order.

Besides the texts and illustrations, this book also provides videos. The videos can help You to understand some of the information better. Because some contents are easier to learn by seeing the examples.

If you want to practice, this book also provides many components that support you when making designs. In addition, the book also provides some recommendations for color palettes, fonts, and other icons.

2. Designing User Interface

This second book recommendation claims that the book has sold more than 4000 ebooks. Not only for beginners and those who have an interest in UI design, but this book can also help experienced UI designers to improve their skills.

This book is the work of experts who have years of experience in developing digital products. Based on the information they present, several advantages have been felt by the readers, such as:

  • Many book readers have improved design skills, so their average income also increases
  • Hundreds of designers finally managed to get their first job after many failures
  • Helping the readers to develop themself as designers and get more achievements in UI design.

Before deciding to buy the full version, you can download a free sample of 61 pages. So you can decide about the purchase after seeing the examples.

For book information and sample, you can access this page.

3. Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design

This third book recommendation is written by Jennifer TidWell, Charles BreWer, and Aynne Valencia. This book is the third edition with provides more updated content and adapts to the current trend of the UI design world.

In this book, there will be much knowledge that you can apply in doing designs. Such as learning about design applications for gadgets, desktop software, and website applications.

For beginners, this book can help you find the proper steps to join the world of UI/UX design. As for professionals, this book can use the contents of the book to get ideas and inspiration.

So we can say that this book is friendly for beginners or professionals in the UI design world. you can get the book through Amazon at a competitive price.

4. About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper

This fourth book is one of the best books to learn about UI design, as seen from its high rating on Amazon. This book has had four editions, where in the latest edition, several updates have adapted to the needs and trends in the world of UI design. In this case, the material has discussed a lot about design in smartphones and tablets.

Due to the evolving era, consumers also expect that what they see when opening an application or website must be perfect. So if the appearance of a product is not as expected, they will leave the website and the apps.

5. UI is Communication by Everett N’ McKay

This book is written by Everett N. McKay. The author describes the steps to make the UI effective in conveying messages or communicating to humans. UI is indeed a conversation that occurs between technology and its users.

Because it focuses on communication, a good UI must be able to establish an emotional connection with its users.

In the book, there are many practical guides that you can use in future projects. Thus, the design results are better and more solid. In addition, there is also an explanation of the communication-based design process, which combines visual design with user interaction.

you can get this McKay book on the Amazon page and consists of two versions, print and ebook that can be read using Kindle.

Sum Up

Because there are many job opportunities as a UI designer, learning about this field is the right thing to do. Moreover, not all companies require a certain background to become a UI designer.

So it means that people who are self-taught also have the same opportunities. The main determining factor to become a designer is your portfolio and skills. Skills and portfolios can be obtained through practice when learning to use books or videos.

So that you can choose all the recommendations for the best way to learn UI design book according to your needs and funds. In addition to providing reading, these books also provide some practice. So, can immediately practice and test your skills.

Hope u likes.