Best Laptop for UI Design


Playing games and making designs are my daily life. Yeah, I know a bit boring ^.*
From laptops to PCs. I’ve used all of them. And one of the most frequently considered is the budget and specification.

And you certainly know when it comes to good laptops. Not far from budget and performance issues. Usually, a UI Designer often does this:

  • Wireframing
  • Layouting
  • Make Mockup Design
  • Making Journey
  • Make wireframe
  • Make UI Design
  • Etc

Below, I have made some recommendations for laptops that are strong and suitable for you to work with. 


Laptop For UI Designers:

My Recommendation

I recommend the MacBook Pro M1 to be one of the best laptops.

Best Price

Dell XPS 13 I think this laptop perfectly blends the style and performance.

What are they:

1. MacBook Pro M1

best laptop for ui design

Apple Website

MacBook Pro is a UI/UX Designer’s flagship device. It Pro is also often used by product designers. So it is one of the best laptops for product designers. Why do designers prefer MacBooks?

Some software from the MacBook is unavailable on other devices, one of which is sketch. Sketch has several advantages over Figma or adobe XD on windows, such as plugins that make it very easy for designers.

In addition, sketches can also be used without an internet connection, and it is easy to share design libraries. For now, the sketch is only available on Mac OS.

In terms of hardware, MacBook has a more efficient design, such as accurate colors, a comfortable trackpad for design, and small RAM but it still works faster than Windows’ RAM.

One of the drawbacks of the MacBook is that it is expensive with good specifications and a more compact MacBook form design, making it much more expensive than other products.

Btw, before I bought a MacBook pro m1, I used a Macbook air. And as usual, I did the activities of a UI Designer. and I open multiple tabs in my browser. It’s a bit laggy, but it’s still running.

Macbook Specification:

  • Release 2015 or later
  • Memory 8GB

2. Asus Zenbook Flip 13 OLED


Asus Zenbook Flip 13 OLED is one of the laptop recommendations for UI design. This laptop has a unique design with an ErgoLift hinge. This laptop is equipped with an SSD storage type and is supported by a 2.4GHz processor.

In terms of graphics, the Asus Zenbook Flip 13 OLED is supported by an Intel Iris Xe Graphics graphics card that gives you easy performance for productivity and creativity anywhere. For the price, the Asus Zenbook Flip 13 OLED is priced from Rp14 million to Rp21 million.

3. Dell XPS 13

Dell Website

Dell XPS 13 is known as a premium laptop for UI Design. It has a thin and light size but has high performance. Dell XPS 13 has an Intel Core i7-8250U processor with 4 cores, 8MB Cache, and up to 4.0 GHz. This laptop is also equipped with an M.2 PCle NVMe SSD with a capacity of 256GB.

Dell XPS 13 uses an Intel UHD 620 Graphics Graphics Card. With these specifications, this laptop is very suitable for UI Design. Unfortunately, the Dell XPS 13 has some drawbacks, such as a dim screen, heating quickly, and a relatively high price.

For price, the Dell XPS 13 is priced from Rp17 million to Rp30 million. This laptop is suitable for those who need high mobility and a good design to support your fashionable appearance. But still with a qualified performance for UI Design.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 8


Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a UI design laptop with the most compact design. More like tabs, but Microsoft Surface Pro can be used as a laptop to support your work for UI Design. This laptop has a kickstand and is connected to a Type Cover keyboard.

It has a 10.5-inch screen with a 1920 x 1280 pixels resolution. To support its performance, the Microsoft Surface Pro is equipped with SSD storage and a processor with a speed of 1.6 GHz. As for the price, this laptop is priced from IDR 5 million to IDR 40 million.

What Should You Consider?

In this modern era, User Interface (UI) designer has become a popular job. One of the supporting UI design works is hardware. But in today’s era, designers don’t have to edit designs on a PC, but can on a laptop to make it more flexible.

Previously we have discussed laptops for UI design. The question is what laptop will you choose for UI design? This depends on your needs and budget.

  1. Budget
    In terms of budget, MacBook Pro does have the highest price, so not all designers can use it. If sorted from cheap to expensive, the Asus Zenbook Flip 13 OLED is indeed the most affordable with prices ranging from $700 to $1100
    Followed by the Dell XPS 13, the price is between $999 to $1400. Then, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, price is up to $900, and the MacBook Pro is $2400.
    If you have a limited budget, Asus, Dell, or Microsoft Surface can be the best budget laptops for web design or UI Design. With the specifications described, the three laptops are sufficient to support UI Design performance.
    However, for more professional UI Design work, it is recommended to use a MacBook Pro. Only, for the price, it is more expensive. However, it never hurts to choose the MacBook Pro if you have a budget.
  1. Ecosystem
    In terms of the ecosystem, Windows is better because it is easier for data transmission and can be accessed by all Windows devices. Meanwhile, if you use a MacBook, you can only send and receive data from fellow Mac Os users.

However, considering that many professionals use Mac OS for MacBook Pro users, this is not a problem because they also send and receive data from fellow Mac OS users.

Sum up

One of the supporting UI design works is hardware. Laptops are one of the supports for UI design work. Currently, there are many choices of laptops that can support UI design, ranging from Mac OS-based to Windows.

Those are some of the best laptops for UI design that you can use for UI design. Regardless of Mac OS or windows, all have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose it based on your needs.

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