9 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps


A wireframe for mobile apps will allow you to create relevant changes in your app design even before the development process is started. It is one of the most critical assets for app developers.

The tool will make it possible for app designers to avoid mistakes and improve efficiency in the process of website development. Here are the best free wireframe tools for mobile apps to simplify your app design tasks.

#1. JustInMind


JustInMind will allow you to use both premiums and free plans to design an application. It is an ideal option for any screen type since it comes with wireframing tools and free UI kits.

These will make it possible for you to design, adjust the size, and style the layout of your app design in much easier and more effective ways.

JustInMind also offers flexibility and freedom for app developers to create an interactive and lifelike prototype for Android and iOS.

There are also more than 4000 elements in the UI kits that designers can access, thanks to app integrations like JIRA and Sketch.

#2. Frame Box


Another free popular tool for mobile app wireframing you can find out there is Frame Box. The tool boasts to allow users to have almost limitless creativity by using its editing and primary designing features.

The platform of Frame Box is also user-friendly in that you can operate it simply by drag-and-drop it.

This enables you to resize diagrams, include texts, add images, and more when designing the apps.

Moreover, your clients and stakeholders can also have a visual of what the final product will be. This is possible to happen due to a shareable link of the saved copy provided by the platform.

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#3. Wireframe.cc

wireframe cc

Not all people are happy with the various options offered to them since it can be cumbersome sometimes.

If you are the kind of person who often finds difficulties to make up your mind when designing wireframe apps, this tool can be an ideal option to choose for.

Wireframes provide minimalist UI and limited features to help you narrow down your options. In this way, the designing process can be simplified and the overall development is faster.

There are many interesting features you can find in Wireframe.cc.

They include built-in templates, a color palette to set the theme, and drag-and-drop elements.

#4. Cacoo


Another mobile app wireframing you can put under your radar is Cacoo. The tool will make it possible for you to create mockups for various platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android. Cacoo is easy and convenient to use. The tool will allow you to flex your creativity while expanding on your ideas.

It provides a lot of useful features so you can organize, plan, share, and maximize the design for multiple apps. You can create diagrams quicker simply by using various shapes and templates provided by the tool.

You will have more flexibility and freedom to design and customize network diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts, mind maps, and more by using its built-in editing feature.

#5. Axure


Speaking about the best free wireframe tools for mobile apps, you can’t skip Axure from the top list. It is a multipurpose tool that will enable you to create prototypes, wireframes, flowcharts, mockups, and user journeys in much easier and simpler ways.

You can use Axure to design interactive diagrams as well as add the functionality by using HTML, UIs, and sitemaps.

Furthermore, the tool will also make it possible for you to collaborate with other team members in real-time. It is like a blank canvas that requires you to optimize your creativity to design wireframes for Web, Android, and iOS.

#6. Adobe XD

adobe xd

If you need a multipurpose platform to design apps, Adobe XD can be one of the best options to take. It provides app developers with an abundance of features to allow them to simplify the wireframing of Android and iOS. One of the toolkits you can find in Adobe XD is an asset panel for consistency.

This feature will allow you to collaborate with your project team, enjoy a responsive orientation of content, and easy replication of characteristics. Adobe XD also offers APIs for native integration, tooling, and chat features for app developers to work more conveniently.

#7. MockPlus


This is another popular wireframing tool for mobile apps you should put into consideration. MockPlus is a powerful platform to help you create creative and unique designs for UX and UI used in Android and iOS wireframing.

It has free templates and pages for a fast and efficient app design process.

MockPlus will also provide you with more than 3000 icons, 200 components, as well as drag-and-drop elements.

Using MockPlus also allows you to customize mockups. When scanning the QR code, you will be able to make a prototype and use it for a test run on an actual device.

#8. Balsamiq


If you like paper or hand-drawing prototyping but don’t want to be bothered by the paper widgets, Balsamiq can be a perfect platform to choose. The tool will make it possible for you to wireframing with a hand-drawing style.

The sketch style provided by the platform is a great solution to help you have more focus on the idea, layout, and function of the apps.

The icons and built-in components offered by Balsamiq will help you fulfill the drawing requirements of the mobile app’s wireframing design.

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#9. Mock Flow


When it comes to the discussion of the best free wireframe tools for mobile apps, Mock Flow always becomes a hot topic. The platform comes with a lot of interesting features such as pre-made templates, graphs, images, built-in revision control, and preset buttons, much for the users’ convenience.

Not only that but Mock Flow also offers a team-chat feature to allow you to collaborate with other developers in your project team. It enables you to have complete freedom to use your creativity in designing wireframes for wearables, Android, web, and iOS.

#9. Figma

figma design

Figma is the most fantastic graphics editor I’ve ever found and tried to use. Designing in Figma is like no burden and feels very comfortable.

The features provided are also complete with a simple and easy-to-understand user interface.

Because it is based online, Figma can collaborate, making it easier for you to work with the team online. You can do online and real-time editing with your Design Team.

With the platform, you can complete your wireframes in minutes for various apps and websites in a wide range of themes shareable like PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, and PNG.