7 Types Of Research Design To Choose For Conducting A Research

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If you are studying at the college, you are going to learn research design as well as types of research design. Research design is just one of the lectures you have to study and accomplish in a certain term. Research design is a framework of research methodology and techniques used by a researcher. This way, the design will allow the researchers to hone in on research methods that are suitable to use.

In this regards, a topic of a research design is explained along with the types of research and sub-type of research. Students will be allowed to choose whether to conduct experimental, survey, correlational, semi-experimental and review or a case study one.

For clearer understanding, here are the types of research design you need to know to support your knowledge in the collage lecturing.

Types Of Research Design
Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Combined. Design Design Qualitative/Quantitative. Research Design. Experimental. Research. 2. Correlational. 3. Survey. Grounded Theory. Research. Ethnographic. 3. Narrative. Mixed Method. Action Research.

Qualitative Research Design

Qualitative research design requires the researchers to do observations to collect the data. The observations are conducted and evaluated using mathematical calculations and statistical methods. Later, the data are presented qualitatively in words rather in numbers.

Quantitative Research Design

Different from qualitative research design, quantitative research design presented the data in numbers rather than in words. This type or research design is proper to conduct in an organization dealing with a business. The analysis proves to be highly effective for the growth of the business in company or organization.

Descriptive Research Design

Descriptive research design allows the researchers to describe the situation or case based on the observation which is done according to the theory. Researchers of qualitative research will include the result of the study by answering the problem stated in the research question.

Experimental Research Design

The next type of research design you need to know is experimental research design which is cause-and-effect based. This experimental research design is often conducted in social sciences to observe human behavior.

Correlational Research Design

Correlational research design is created to establish a relationship between the two closely connected variables. There are two different groups that a researcher need to evaluate the relationship between them using statistical analysis techniques.

Diagnostic Research Design

As its name, this type of research design allows the researcher to evaluate the cause of specific topic about the factors that create a problem over situations.

Explanatory Research Design

The last type of research design is explanatory research design which is deigned to explore the theories. This way, the researchers explore the unexplored aspects of a subject about how and why stated in the research questions.

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