Be A Better Designer by These 7 Steps to Learn UI and UX Design

learn UI and UX design

Before going further about how to learn UI and UX design, let’s better find out what UI and UX design actually is. UI design stands for user interface which is defined as the process of making interfaces in software focusing on looks and style.

Meanwhile, UX design stands for user experience which is defined as the process of how design teams create products along with the users’ meaningful and relevant experiences. This is much dealing with the whole process of acquiring and integrating the product such as design, brands, usability and function.

Now if you want to be a better designer, the only thing you can do is learning by yourself. So, here are the 7 steps to learn UI and UX design.

Be Familiar with UI Principles

learn UI and UX design

There are some basic UI principles you have to know first just before you start learning and practicing UI design. Those are color, balance, contrast typography and consistency. Make sure you have already mastered them as the basic abilities as well as UI principles.

Learn The Creative UX Process

The second thing to get to know is understanding the creative process. Definitely, both UI and UX design are the process of specific phases. The phases includes discover, define, develop and deliver. To start with the process, you must discover ideas, define the ideas you have derived, develop solutions and concepts of ideas and deliver the project to public.

Develop Your Eye For Design

Being acknowledge with UI and UX principles is good, yet you need to take your eye to see some other good designs, bad designs and identify the strengths and weaknesses of a design. Do it by conducting a research so that you will be more creative to touch your canvas.

Read More Designs Articles

Reading is meant to see the world just by sitting and reading in focus. Thus, learn other users experience through articles. There have been million design articles and tutorials available online. Just search and find them all to enrich your knowledge so that you can apply the best ideas.

Learn The Latest Web Design Tools

There are dozens of designs tools you can learn out there. Take only the latest one to learn because it must have new features that help a lot.

Design Fake Projects

The last but not least step to learn UI and UX design is to design fake projects. As practice makes perfect, you can practice designing something for your personal project for fun. Later, there will be someone who is interested with your work.

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