5 Simple Steps of How To Change Font Size in HTML to Try

How To Change Font Size in HTML

Are you looking for the steps how to change font size in HTML? This is just the right place to stop. To make your website more user friendly and to increase the readability of the content, changing the font size in HTML is very necessary.

Basically, the font face and color style are much depending both on the computer and browser entirely. However, you can change them by adding style, size and color to your website by using HTML <font> tag. Meanwhile, if you want to set all the text with the same size, face and color, you can use <basefont>.

How To Change Font Size in HTML

Now you can change the font size in HTML and customize your fonts by following the steps below.

Set the Font Size

Firtsly, remember that there are three attributes called size, face and color to customize the fonts. In this case, you can use the size attribute to set the content font size. The accepted values are ranging from 1 (smallest) to 7 (largest). Meanwhile, the default size of a font is 3.

Relative Font Size

Dealing with the way how to change font size in HTML, you can make a specific size of the font from larger to smaller. You can also do it by specifying how many sizes which are smaller than the preset font size. This way, you can try to specify <font size> = “+n” > or <font size> = “-n” >.

Set the Font Size

Now it’s time to set the font size. In this case, you can use the face attribute. However, you must be careful of an uninstalled font that you cannot view. You can only see the default font face and apply it to the computer.

Specify Alternate Font Faces

Once a visitor install the font on his computer, he will be able to see your font. If not, then they won’t be able to see your font. Thus, you can specify two or more font face alternatives by making a list of the font face names, separated by a comma.

When you see your page is loaded, the first font face will be displayed by the browser. Meanwhile, if there is no installed font, the browser will display the default font face Times New Roman.

Set The Font Color

The last step of how to change font size in HTML is to set the font color. This way, you must use the color attribute. Start specifying the color by the color name or hexadecimal code for the color. It’s all simple to follow.

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