5 Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator For Your Perfect Graphic Design

Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator 1

It is unquestionable that Adobe suite of graphic design and illustration programs are always there to provide you with the best suit to use as well as a money can buy. This is when free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator come into play.

Explore these following 5 best and alternatives you can pick up and install freely for the importance of your graphic design.

Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator


SVG-Edit is a free alternative to Adobe illustrator which is suitable for any modern web browser. This editing suite deals in SVG (scalable vector graphic) is very useful in providing the user with the versatility of the format despite the restriction.

Never be afraid of getting into SVG-Edit. It will bring you gently to editing program along with the speed operating to result the superior product.


The second best alternative to Adobe Illustrator you can consider is Inkspace. It is compatible with Windows/Linux. You can take this free alternative to primarily work with SVG-Edit file format. Inkspace has lean and intuitive user interface along with the packed advanced features including alpha blending, objet cloning and an accurate bitmap tracing. Inkspace comes as the one free alternative which is higly recommended.

Affinity Designer

Out of the best free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer is available for Mac. It comes with full rasterizing controls, multiple file format support, layer management infinite zooming and all vector drawing tool you can use anytime.

The full version of Affinity Designer can tag a high price yet it provides you with the two-year updates. However, the trial version still comes remarkably along with the functions and worth when you are looking for a free editor.


GIMP is the next considerable free alternative to Adobe Illustrator you can expect to use freely. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This one is more about to suit as an alternative to Photoshop than illustrators. It is due to its limited vector functions. However, it is admired and widely used by most people on the globe as it is free and open source.

OpenOffice Draw

The last but not least free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator to consider using is OpenOfffice Draw. This one is available not only for Windows but also for Linux and Mac. This one comes with the full features especially the geared diagram and object manipulation. Its handy features enable the users to create Flash file right from your document.

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