4 Best Logo Fonts For Beginners and Advanced Users

Best Logo Fonts

If you have been searching for the best logo fonts, stop at this page and don’t jump out. Yup, we are coming with the article about the best fonts for logo you can check out and use soon for your design. However, it doesn’t always seem easy to find the right and best fonts for logo either for beginners or advanced users. Hence, choosing the desired fonts must consider the simple ones which is eligible and clear, the ones which are not just following the trends because they may be irrelevant in the following times, not using more than two fonts, creating a custom fonts, suiting them with the company type and target audience and checking out fonts that are commonly used by the competitors.

Best Logo Fonts

Now you can refer to the following recommended fonts to consider.


Serif is a font which is considered classic yet it is legible particularly in printing it out materials. It is called Serif due to the small lines located at the end of the vertical and horizontal strokes. Serif fonts are associated with history, reliability, safety, tradition and authority. Thus, if your brand owns a values-alike, this font is the right one to use.


Sans-Serif is the second best logo font in which the name perfectly describes the category. Sans-serif letters don’t have serifs. It consists only of simple lines without any thick or thin transition in the strokes. This makes Sans-serif different from the serif.

Sans-serif has clean and modern typefaces. They are generally used on the web due to its modern style, fresh and elegant look.


If you are looking the best font for your logo which is stylish and representing personality, Script is a perfect choice of all. The strokes connect the letters in Script. Well, you can use this font for either formal or casual text.

Script fonts are special, elegant, graceful, playful and feminine. Now if your design has the same values with these fonts, you can pick the fonts up to add to your logo.


To make the text in the logo distinctive and visible, Decorative fonts are much suitable. Hence, these fonts are not used generally for long text and paragraph. As one of the best logo fonts, they are just original and creative to deliver particular messages, moods as well as emotions.

For beginners, these fonts will be clear enough to make the logo typical to the brands. However, you can’t find them nice to use with icons.

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