Going Behind UI: 5 intriguing story of User Interface (Article at HowDesign.com)

User interface design is a force within the design industry. It’s an area of the profession with a great deal of momentum–and it continues to grow and change the landscape of design as we know it.

As important as user interface design is to the industry, not every designer is well-versed in UI. So whether you’re experienced in user interface or you specialize in another area of design, we’ve compiled five unique user interfaces (UI) and the stories behind them for a sneak peek into this wild world.

Did you know that a 10-foot interface isn’t actually 10 feet long? Or, that a zooming interface allows for an unlimited amount of data to be displayed? Check out how user interfaces have evolved over time based on user-adoption and advancement in technologies.

WIMP User Interface

Check out the complete article at http://www.howdesign.com/resources-education/web-design-resources-technology/interesting-world-of-ui/


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