My Session on Evolution of Digital Interface

Learn about digital interfaces in my session at Digital Web and Design Innovation summit at  San Francisco 19-20 September

Get a signed copy of Digital Design Essentials at Digital Design and Web Innovation Summit SFO

Get a signed copy of Digital Design Essentials, 19-20 Sept SFO

Checkout my session on Digital Interfaces

Evolution of the Digital User Interface

Do you know about WIMP? The Natural or Organic Interface? Zooming Interface? And what the heck is the Intelligent UI? Where are all these interfaces coming from. What about the Gesture, Haptics, Pen based and touch and even multi touch interfaces?

In this session learn from the Author of Digital Design Essentials: 100 ways to Design better Desktop, Web and Mobile Interfaces, the intriguing story of the Digital Interface. How the digital Interface started from Command line to WIMP Interface to GUI and now became the most debated topic in the design industry, Skeumorphic Design or Modern UI. See how, with the revolution of devices digital interface took turn to Natural, Touch and Organic User Interfaces. See how User Interface has evolved in last twenty years. See how the current trends in touch screens, text to speech and AI are molding the mere fabric of the User Interface and how the user adoption still is the key to a successful User Interface Design.


Raj Lal is an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed and developed software used by millions of people. Raj is the author of three popular books on Digital Design, Windows Gadget, and Smartphone Web development, in addition to many articles about web, digital product design and strategy. He is also a consistently top-rated speaker at conferences and companies around the world.

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