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Get a Signed copy of Digital Design Essentials

I have 8 copies of the Book left from the Book signing event at Digital Design Innovation Summit at SFO. So a chance to get a signed copy of the book. Here are few photos from the event! Send me

Evolution of User Interface: My Session at Digital Web & Design Innovation Summit SFO 20 Sept 2013 @iRajLal

Do you know about WIMP? The Natural or Organic Interface? Zooming Interface? And what the heck is the Intelligent UI? Where are all these interfaces coming from. What about the Gesture, Haptics, Pen based and touch and even multi touch

Digital Design Essentials Book’s Picture Gallery by a book reviewer

Here are some of the pictures sent to me by one of the book reviewer. Does gives you some idea about the book.

Digital Design Essentials Published 2nd June 2013

Finally my two years of hard work, one interface design per week for 100 weeks, magically turned into a hardcover book by rockport publishers. The overwhelming experience when you see your own book for the first time. Oh my! Tears

Table of Contents

Digital Design Essential Whether dashboard software or a single-page website, a location-aware mobile app or a 10-foot TV interface, digital design is the tip of the iceberg; the actual design is not how it looks but how it works. Dive